Este Libro

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Este Libro is run by me - Esther Williams - from my studio in Somerset...


Spanish for ‘This Book’ Este Libro hand makes a range of Coptic Bound books, albums and diaries, as well as Coptic Binding Kits and screen printed textiles. 

Started in 2016 by me, Esther Williams, Este Libro has grown from making sketchbooks in my bedroom to curating a range of hand crafted bespoke products from my studio in Somerset. 

Each screen print is designed by me, influenced by abstract art and 1950’s interior design, I cut the stencils by hand and print onto cotton layer by layer, building the design one colour at a time. 

For wholesale enquiries or bespoke services please email me at esther@estelibro.com or send me a message via the contact page. 

If you’d like to do learn how to make a book yourself have a look at the workshops page or subscribe to the Este Libro newsletter (at the bottom of the page) for info on workshops near you!


About Coptic Binding


Coptic binding originated in Egypt in about the 2nd century AD. Early christians - the Copts - would construct text-blocks of papyrus sheets and sew through the folds, usually before covering the pages wth leather. 

The earliest known Coptic bound tomes are the Nag Hammadi Codices, found in Upper Egypt in 1945. Thirteen books were discovered in a sealed jar by a local farmer. 

The text is written in the Coptic Language and mostly comprises Gnostic treatises as well as three works belonging to the Corpus Hermeticum and a partial translation of Plato's Republic.

It's suggested that these codices may have belonged to a nearby Pachomian monastery and were buried after Saint Athanasius condemned the use of non-canonical books in his Festal Letter of 367 AD. Woohoo!